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My first journal entry

The folks back in Cincinnati asked me if I'd be willing to keep a journal of my travels in the tsunami-affected areas of southern Asia.  I thought that was a good idea, so we've started this web log so I can share my thoughts and impressions with the rest of the P&G family.

I'm headed from Cincinnati to Karachi and then on to Sri Lanka to visit the disaster area and see if I can help with the deployment of our safe drinking water technology, the PUR sachets.

I am excited to meet with our P&G folks in Pakistan. We agreed yesterday that we would ramp up our production of PUR sachets. Incredibly, through a 24/7 effort, our product supply team with members from Cincinnati, Phillipines, and Pakistan developed the plans so that we will be able to double our production in just a few weeks. Miracuously, P&G  will be able to supply sufficient PUR to provide 300 million liters of safe drinking water to the survivors of the tsunami.  This will prevent literally millions of episodes of life-threatening diarrheal episodes in children.

Waiting in the Paris airport for my connection to Karachi provides some of the first downtime I have had since the disaster hit. There have been some incredible stories in the last two weeks following the disaster. Some of these show our P&G family at out best, pulling together to face a crisis. Other stories will demonstrate the power of our safe drinking water program to make tangible P&G's commitment to improve lives. I will share some of these as I travel so you can see how P&G is really touching lives and improving life through our contributions to the survivors of the tsunami.

A pan au chocolat is beckoning....


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