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P&G CSDW unveils new website and new Facebook page with “1 Like = 1 Day” of Clean Water

Cambodia girlToday we’re relaunching the website for the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (LINK) and launching a new CSDW Facebook page (LINK).

FB Page 2 For every “Like” of the new CSDW Facebook page (LINK), P&G will donate 1 day of clean drinking water in the developing world through the P&G water purification packets. This “1 Like = 1 Day” campaign is one part of our efforts to continue to grow CSDW so that we can save one life every hour by 2020 by providing 1 billion days of clean drinking water every year. You can help by clicking on the ‘Like’ and sharing with your friends. If you are a P&G employee and you choose to share information about CSDW with your friends or to post a comment about CSDW in social media, please remember to state that you’re a P&G employee so that you are compliant with P&G’s social media policy (socialmediapolicy.pg.com)

In addition, from the new Facebook page, you can share the magic of the P&G water purification packets with your friends. You’ll find lots of new videos and pictures from the field on the new CSDW Facebook page. 

The new CSDW website (LINK) is a great way to see the program in action.  There are new videos and photos and easy links to my blog and twitter account so you can follow CSDW efforts as they happen.  You can sign-up to get the new CSDW newsletter from the new website.

WebsiteThe new CSDW website also includes ways to get involved with the program.  We're often asked by individuals and schools how they can help so we've created a fund raising toolkit, which gives  tips and ideas about how to hold a fund raiser for CSDW. It’s designed for all ages—kids through adult—and should tell you everything you need to know to help raise money and spread the word. Here's the direct link to the "How you can help" part of the site. (LINK) And, don't forget that P&G employee donations to CSDW can be matched up to $5000 per year.

Thanks for joining in the program and helping make a difference.


This is such GREAT work. The essence of P&G....taking innovation and leveraging it to make the maximum impact on improving lives. So cool. EVERY employee should post, tweet, share this. Get the story out, get people involved, share the pride in what we're doing! Congrads to the team making this real and making it happen all over the world!

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